Friday, October 17, 2008

Floating with a Honu (Turtle)

Finally something new to show you. This was my first attempt at fabric collage. It was fun and I am very happy with the final product. It was done on stretched cotton canvas and measures 5" x 7". The turtle was done free hand and I have to say that I am rather proud of the way he came out. I learned all kinds of things doing this picture and have lots of ideas for new work.

It is so hard these days trying to create anything... I spend 10 hours a week on the road commuting too and from work... time that would be better spent playing with fabric! I hope to do a bit better now that the summer is over and we are done house hunting for a few months... maybe... might be going to check out a few this weekend. The real estate agent says that they are located on the top of this very steep road that is most likely not much fun when there is a foot of new snow. They are quiet and private though so it might be worth the dirt road and steep hill.

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